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Who we are

DREAMers’ Moms organizes communities throughout informative workshops teaching immigrants their rights since we feel that it is the most important thing they should know to prevent unnecessary deportations within their family or friends. We acknowledge the value of technology for people to be informed and connected with each other. It creates a path for our voices to reach Congressmen via emails, Facebook, twitter, etc. We guide others through the use of social networks by: Signing petitions, sending emails, tweets & more to reach congressmen. Be comfortable using internet pages. Initiate information research. We often organize workshops in for those in need in their own homes since we feel they are the most affected when immigration breaks them apart.


1. Encourage mothers and families to join our social movement in order to achieve a comprehensive Immigration Reform.
2. Inform immigrant families regarding their rights in this country.
3. Demonstrate and bring up our stories of success, pain and hardship to the senate and the House of Representatives, and through our stories, they consider immigrant families and the Immigration Reform.
4. Prevent families’ separation.
5. Advocate along with other organizations that share our same values and struggle for the same cause.
6. Encourage Hispanic citizens to participate in this social movement.
7. Support the initiative of creating premises or chapters in each state in order to work for the same cause by informing and incorporating new members.
8. Identify problems, educate and guide immigrant families.
9. Motivate and educate our community to participate in social networks to sign petition and / or sending e-mails or Tweeters to congressmen.
10. Promote the importance of learning English to improve our communication.


To represent immigrant women working towards a just immigration reform at a national level. Our duty will be to create better life opportunities for the oppressed by losing the fear regarding family separations due to deportations. We wish for families to get the right and have respect as the civilians that they are.